Prenatal massages are beneficial for both the mother and the baby!
They consist of specific techniques to help reduce pregnancy discomforts and concerns, as well as enhancing the physiological and emotional well-being of both mother and baby.  Some benefits include relieving anxiety, improving circulation, reducing stress and easing joint and muscle tension.


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Prenatal Massages

Prenatal massages are only available when in the second and third trimester. Mothers-to-be are able to comfortably relax in the face-down position without exerting any pressure on the belly or breasts with our special prenatal cut-out tables

60 Minute Massage

(Reg. Price $135)

90 Minute Massage

(Reg. Price $180)

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When using massage therapy as an integral part of pregnancy, a 60-minute massage every two weeks or once a month is a great way to minimize stress and stay relaxed and comfortable. Keep in mind, every pregnancy is different and if you have a high-stress lifestyle or muscle issues not related to your pregnancy, you might choose to schedule longer sessions or come in more often. 

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Look Good Feel Good

Add a 60-minute facial to your prenatal massage for the ultimate Look Good Feel Good experience. A 60-minute facial is perfect for giving your skin a hydrating boost, unclogging pores and revealing a healthy glow.