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DERMAINFUSION FACIAL A whole new level of extraction + exfoliation + serum infusion! Request Appointment
Dermainfusion Facial



The DermaInfusion Facial uses microdermabrasion and hydro technology that infuses serums as it extracts impurities from the skin. Hydro technology is water + serum solutions pressurized into the skin. As water is being pressurized into the skin, vacuum pressure lifts impurities and surface skin cells to be gently exfoliated away.

Every treatment is customized for each individual client and benefits all skin types. The Dermainfusion Facial can be used on all skin types to repair aging, congested, dull, blemished, or photodamaged skin!

Facial Benefits

  • Provides deep hydration
  • Induces collagen production
  • Promotes cell turnover


Purchase 2 Dermainfusion Facials and receive $60 for products.