Cupping Massage in Hoboken, NJ

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Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment where special cups are placed on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. This suction and negative pressure created help stimulate the flow of blood and lymph to an affected area, which may help to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation. Cupping massage therapy is often used to treat localized pain, ease scar tissue deep within muscles and connective tissues, and help reduce swelling and muscle knots.

Treatment Benefits

Cupping is often used in conjunction with massage therapy to treat a variety of health conditions, including back pain, neck pain, and headaches. This type of therapy is often used to enhance athletic performance or even treat respiratory conditions, such as the common cold or asthma. Other benefits include

  • Relieving back & neck pain
  • Removal of toxins
  • Improves circulation and increases lymph system activity
  • Promote mobility and range of motion
  • Improves immune function
  • Helps diminish cellulite
Cupping Massage for removal of toxins

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Cupping cannot be performed on guests with the following contraindications:

  • Skin Lesions
  • Organ Failure (Renal, Hepatic, and/or Cardiac)
  • Hemophilia or similar bleeding disorders
  • Pacemakers
  • Cancer
  • New Tattoos (localized)
  • Varicose Veins, Spider Veins
  • Diabetes with complications or an acute infection
  • Heart Disease
  • Lymphedema or Anemia
  • Recently given blood or undergone a medical procedure


Cupping can cause side effects such as discoloration marks and occasional blistering caused by
suction as it works to bring toxins to the surface! These marks can usually can take anywhere from a few hours to up to two weeks to dissipate, depending on the physical activity, the level of toxins released during the session, and how much water is consumed post-massage.

Cupping Massage in Hoboken, NJ
Cupping Massage Bruising