Our customized Back Facials are designed to give this often neglected area a clarifying and hydrating boost and on concerns such as breakouts, acne, clogged pores, and minor discoloration. Back facials are specifically designed to nourish and repair the skin on your back which will leave it with a healthy, hydrated and glowing complexion.

Espresso Mud Back Facial

A detoxifying and clarifying treatment features a rich mud scrub that combines sweet, earthy notes of Coffee Arabica and Sarsaparilla with volcanic Pumice and Black Silt Clay. 

Treatment Benefit: Detoxifying, remineralized skin. This back facial is great for exfoliating the skin, helping to stimulate circulation and removing impurities

Acne Clearing Back Facial

A powerful and multi-tiered approach to back acne that delivers clean, clear and comforted skin. This treatment decongests the skin through exfoliation and extraction using maximum strength salicylic acid paired with high frequency to treat blemishes.

Treatment Benefit: Deep cleansing, oil-controlling, and mattifying. Perfect maintenance for consistently clear skin. 


Boost your treatment with a deeper exfoliation

Power Enzyme Peel

Your esthetician will select between a brightening treatment to smooth sun-damaged skin or a clarifying treatment formulated for dull, congested skin.


Using diamond tips, Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation that removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells from the body. It helps to even out skin tone, reduce pore size, remove dry, dehydrated skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent blemishes. 

Consistent back facials will help to clarify and soften the skin and improve its overall
texture and appearance

Monthly back facials allow your esthetician to give you the results you want, faster, as they offer a deeper cleansing, enhanced exfoliation, and specialized protocols to accelerate cell turnover. Monthly facials will also help your skin care products to penetrate more effectively to promote healthy, radiant skin.