Back Facials

Designed to give this often neglected area a needed boost! The 45-minute Back Facial will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed with a healthy, glowing back.
This treatment will help to clarify and soften the skin and improve it’s texture. 

We’ve got your back when you need to bare it all!

Back Facial Hoboken

Facial Highlights

This treatment will help to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin while treating any congestions and reveal a brighter and smoother complexion. The back facial follows the same steps as a customized facial:

First Cleanse: Removes the impurities at the surface of the skin. 

Exfoliation: Removes dead cells, increases microcirculation and improve skin texture.

Deep Cleanse with Steam: Using a deep-pore cleanser to unclog the pores. 

Extractions: Extractions are a necessary step in a back facial treatment to remove blackheads and impurities.

Treatment Mask: Customized according to your skincare concern. 

For Best Results

Monthly back facials allow your esthetician to give you the results you want, faster. Facials also offer deeper cleansing, enhanced exfoliation, and specialized protocols to accelerate cell turnover. Monthly facials will also help your skin care products to penetrate more effectively to promote healthy, radiant skin.